The word mindset is used quite often in our world today and plays a vital role in who we are as people. Mindsets vary from person to person, but they carry one crucial factor; our mindset guides our life. 

What is Mindset? 

Mindset Coach, Susan Carabello, notes that “mindset is a state of being based on our assumptions of self and our responses to those beliefs.” She notes that “your mindset guides your daily behaviors, your conversations and how we show up inlife. Mindsets develop over time, and in some cases, may heavily be influenced by others.” 

Though it may feel difficult or impossible to change your mindset, she notes that “it does take motivation and discipline to change it, to how you see fit.” 

Types of Mindset 

There are a few types of mindsets: fixed, growth, and abundance, to name a few. The easiest starting place when determining your mindset is whether it is negative or positive. 

A negative mindset is where individuals live in scarcity or lack, believing that they are not in control of their thinking and, therefore, not in control of the outcome. Examples of a negative mindset are as follows: 

1) Lack of self-worth 

2) Creating blocks in your life that do not exist 

3) Worry 

4) Overthinking 

5) Believing things will always remain the same 

When you live in the space of scarcity or lack, it cannot be easy to see that everything in your life is just a result of choices. 

However, a positive mindset is where individuals know that they control their lives, actions and reactions, responses, and everything in between. Examples of a positive mindset include: 

1) Re-framing your thoughts 

2) Focusing on the good 

3) Optimistic 

4) Can do attitude 

5) Embracing challenges and persists towards success 

6) Looks for the lessons in each situation

Mental Diet 

One way to work towards a more positive mindset is to sharpen your mental diet. A mental diet is what you feed your mind with and what you feed your mind with develops your mindset. It also consists of your conversations, the books you read, social media, and much more. You can improve your mental diet by including positive affirmations or changing your thoughts when they appear negative. 

Susan notes that flipping your thoughts is one of the easiest ways to begin managing your mindset. She states that “if you can manage your thoughts, notice the patterns of your inner conversations and direct them to something preferred, you can transform your life.” 

Susan states that sometimes, we focus on the lack because it is what we are used to experiencing. As a coach, I work with individuals to set inspirational and achievable goals, and changing your mindset is one of them. She referred to this quote from Albert Einstein, which sums it up nicely, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kinds of thinking we used when we created them.” It is a pretty simple formula.

Michael Fraser

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Entrepreneur Mogul

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