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Finding purpose in life can oftentimes be a challenging task. In today’s world of extremely busy lifestyles, people often forget to focus on their health and mental well-being. That’s where life coaching can help you regain focus on the priorities in your life, live a lifestyle that you desire, and achieve all your dreams. 

Nora Oliver is one such Mindset, Fitness, and Wellness Coach who empowers people in all areas of life such as mindset, nutrition, fitness, career, and personal life. She does this by teaching the methods that helped her break through the very same barriers. This helps her clients step up and shows them how to fall back in love with themselves.

Who is Nora Oliver?

Nora Oliver was born and raised in Kosovo (Eastern Europe) & moved to the USA as a refugee in the 2000s. She started her corporate career journey while attending Suffolk University. Today, she has created a business that helps clients in all areas of life vs one particular area.Once in the USA Nora put herself through high school and college while learning to speak English. Nora is a mother of 3 children, who she loves very much. 

Aside from loving being a mother, she enjoys a number of activities which include Coaching soccer, dancing, singing, playing instruments like piano and guitar, rock climbing, long walks, working out, and much more. However, Nora found her life calling in helping others. She has created these techniques that create motivation, strong mindset, nutrition, physical fitness, positivity in careers & relationships, etc. With her coaching techniques, she can round a person to be positive, have a strong mindset, be able to make long and short-term goals, stay motivated, and head the right path in life. 

Nora went through some dark emotional times where everything that could go wrong went wrong. From losing her job from Covid-19 to going through a divorce, she has faced it all. But, despite facing these challenges, Nora looked at the positive side of things and took it as an opportunity to help others.

How to achieve everything you desire in life?

Nora believes that the key to getting everything you want done is having the drive to achieve it. She shares “Start with a positive/strong mindset, destroy all your fears and the rest will happen naturally because your mind is in the right place and you have no fear to hold you back. Remember, nothing and no one is holding you back but YOU. I say this to people: if I can raise 3 kids all on my own, start my own business, build a healthy/strong mindset and get physically fit, then so can you!!!”

Do You Love Yourself?

Nora shares “people often ask me “Do you love yourself?” I sure didn’t! But I learned to fall in love with myself, how to look after myself and how to feed my mind, my body, and my soul the best, most nourishing things Mother Nature has to offer. I learned how to master my inner self and become Healthy and Bursting With Love.”

That’s why Nora believes that if you want to break down the walls that keep you from moving forward, you have to work with someone that has done just that and more.

She now works with a mix of clients from couples therapy to one on one coaching. 

Nora continues “With our busy schedules these days, who has time to book separate appointments to deal with nutrition, emotions (Mindset), personal trainers, career, relationships, etc. With my program, I believe that I have the right tools to structure others’ lives and watch my clients live full and happy lives.”

She believes that by transforming her clients, they will then spread their positivity to others around them. What a way to change our world in a positive way. One person at a time!

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Michael Fraser

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Entrepreneur Mogul

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