Milan Singh Reveals the 1O Best Side Hustles for All Ages

The impact of COVID has caused many people to reassess their career options and look at finding new income sources. The age of the ‘Side Hustle’ is now front and center as a means to an extra income source, either part-time or as a full-time gig. Milan Singh has been doing side-hustles since he was a kid and in this article he shares his Top Ten Side Hustles that can be started immediately, at any age, with very little cash outlay.

All great ideas start out simple and are then built upon, something Milan has learned firsthand from his many side hustle ventures. He now shares these learnings on his YouTube channel helping budding entrepreneurs build momentum and scale their ‘offers’ into rip-roaring success stories.

Milan begins his top ten list from the simplest hustles and moves up to the more sophisticated versions.

Top Ten Side Hustles:

1. Service based business – Create side hustles on tasks that people don’t want to do. This might be power washing driveways. Small investment for power wash equipment. Charge $50 -$100 depending on size of driveway. In colder climates offer driveway snow removal services during winter months.

2. Fixing Broken iPhone Screens – Advertise on Craigslist, TicTok, Instagram etc. ‘I Fix Broken iPhone Screens.’ Purchase new screens and necessary tools from Amazon then simply replace screens.   Charge  $40 – 100.

3. Sell Old Stuff – All you need is stuff to sell, a good picture of it and post on Google MarketPlace, EBay, Mercari etc. No limit on earnings.

4. Tutoring – Anything you are good at offer your services in this as a tutor. Computer skills, Math etc.  Charge $30+ per hour.

5. Drop Shipping – Via YouTube and Google. Highly competitive, but achievable, if you put in the work. Can be scaled to $10,000+ per month..

6. Amazon FBA – Buy products from Alibaba, put your label on them and sell them at a mark-up via Amazon. Full-time gig opportunity. Earning potential, $30 -50,000+ per month.

7. TikTok – Make videos on stuff you enjoy, provide value. Funny meme page, gaming page or business and motivation page etc. Reach 100,000 followers and you can get $1,000+ from brands depending on your engagement. TikTok is the opportunity of the decade according to Milan Singh.

8. Instagram – Repost your TikTok videos here to increase your followers for sponsored posts monetization.

9. YouTube – Decent phone and internet only requirements. Decide the type of channel you want to create. Achieve 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watched hours then start making money from YouTube ads.

10.  Affiliate Marketing – Promote other companies products and get paid commission from every customer purchase that is made through you. and are great resource sites for this side hustle. No limit on earning potential

To receive more detailed information regarding Milan’s Top Ten list, watch his YouTube video.

In conclusion Milan offers these wise words,  “the skills you develop from creating these side hustles will be more valuable to you than the money you make from them as they are building your entrepreneurial spirit.”

For more valuable information regarding Milan’s entrepreneurial resources, you can connect  here: Milan Singh

Michael Fraser

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Entrepreneur Mogul

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