Meet Serial Entrepreneur & Investor – Elvis Justice Bedi

In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, one has to be passionate about their craft. With high-level competition in almost every industry, having an edge is essential to stand out from the crowd. Elvis Justice Kwablah Bedi (@elvisjusticeofficial_), often known as Mr. Serendipity, is one such Serial Entrepreneur, Ghanaian Investor, and founder of the Serendipity Trading Academy. Ranked amongst the top 10 trading mentors for 2021, Elvis Justice Bedi is on a journey of empowering people and helping them achieve financial freedom. 

Serendipity Trading Academy is a self-taught online platform which offers various trading programs on areas such as cryptocurrencies, forex, synthetic indices, stocks, commodities, bonds and futures. Every course is designed in a well-structured manner in order to take members from the basics to the masterclass; in a gradual yet consistent manner. At the Serendipity Trading Academy, every course is designed in an advanced manner so that members can understand everything about trading and the financial markets.

Elvis Justice Bedi, founder of the Serendipity Trading Academy is the first mentor and coach who provides over 19,000 pips to his students every week. According to Elvis, the key to success lies in being disciplined, never despising small beginnings, and being passionate and force-driven. The idea behind founding the Serendipity Trading Academy was to educate people about the huge potential that the financial market has to offer. Elvis believes that people can turn their phones into ATMs, provided they learn and master the art of trading. 

The financial markets can be an unforgiving place if one does not have the proper knowledge and skills. Elvis shares “Failure is part of success, I remember when I lost a huge sum of money in a trade but later realized I was selfish and should be discipline to my goals and target periodically. It’s always that one step, that crucial first step I took, and the determination to actualize my goals and aspirations.”

At the Serendipity Trading Academy, members are provided with everything they need in order to succeed as a trader. With highly detailed and efficient courses that go in-depth and explain everything in a simple and interesting manner, anyone can unlock their true potential and achieve financial freedom. Members are provided with an easy, simple, and secure method of payment, Additionally, the membership never expires once enrolled, and members receive lifetime free signals in almost all trading pairs. Plus, members also receive access to weekly live sessions.  

Passionate about empowering people financially, Elvis Justice Bedi wants to help as many people as possible to understand the enormous potential of the internet and how they can make money through cryptocurrencies, forex, and stocks using the power of the new media.  Check out Elvis Justice’s Instagram HERE

Michael Fraser

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Entrepreneur Mogul

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