Matt’s Crypto Reveals 3 Strategies to Get Whitelist on Top NFT Projects

How do the rich get richer? They are in the know and at the front of line, on the V.I.P. list that grants access before it becomes available to the general public. In the world of NFTs getting on that V.I.P. list, or more specifically, the ‘Whitelist’ as it is referred to in the crypto world is a vital component for financial success. 

In this article Matt’s Crypto is going to explain 3 essential strategies for gaining access to these coveted Whitelist spots for top NFT projects.

Matt provides an array of knowledge on all things crypto, NFTs, the metaverse, and everything else that is current regarding money and finance to his avid YouTube followers and Patreon members. There are already over 71K subscribers benefiting from his wisdom as he helps maximize financial portfolios.  

Let’s deep-dive right in and get access to these 3 Whitelist strategies shared by Matt that can make all the difference from being in the stars lounge or outside, lining up in the street waiting for the ‘Big Tickets’ to eventually go on sale.

When new NFT projects are released to the general public they are welcomed with a lot of hype. This causes Ethereum ‘gas prices’ to go through the roof as everyone is after the same thing. This scenario creates ‘gas wars’ as buyers pay premium fees to get quicker access to purchases. 

The solution then is in finding strategies to get in on that V.I.P. Whitelist, whereby access is granted at the mint when NFT launches.

Strategy #1.  Join an Alpha Group

In this strategy you get access to a Whitelist by joining an Alpha Group. This requires a   membership fee where you get intel, knowledge and influence in the space. Metaverse HQ is an example that Matt shares. By joining Metaverse HQ you get access to Whitelist spots as a member. The enrollment fee for this access is 2.5 Ethereum,  which is currently around $10,000. There are 1,500 spots available on Metaverse HQ.  Depending on the size of Alpha Group and their influence and connections to other projects they typically receive anywhere from 50-1000 Whitelist spots to share with group members.  

Matt also offers an Alpha Group program, check his Patreon site for more information.

Strategy # 2   Owning Previous NFT Collections

Many new NFT projects will reward their previous projects’ Whitelist owners. JRNY Club NFT is one to look for as well as The Doge Pound, both of which offer ‘launchpads’ to other new NFT projects. 

Strategy # 3 Discord, Tweetdeck & Interaction

Matt suggests creating a Tweetdeck account to keep current on what’s new so that investors can get in before the competition and have higher odds of getting a free whitelist spot. Check out Matt’s twitter account for new NFT project updates. He also suggests going on Discord voice calls to talk with members of new projects.

There you have it, 3 solid strategies for getting Whitelist on top NFT Projects. You can  access  more information on this topic on Matt’s YouTube Video.

To connect with Matt and receive further information on NFT’s and all things crypto, follow here: Matt’s Crypto

Michael Fraser

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Entrepreneur Mogul

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