The 5 Most Influential Female Coaches of 2021

The business coaching industry has been evolving consistently and is bigger than ever before. Female coaches are righteously taking a spot in the limelight with their expertise and efficiency in helping businesses grow almost twice as fast as any other business. We at building your Building Your Authority have compiled a list of the 5 most influential female coaches of 2021. These ladies have shown outstanding work throughout their careers and are making big moves in 2021. So, let’s get started!

  1. Montrece Ransom, JD, MPH, ACC (@montrecespeaks)

Montrece Ransom is an ICF accredited coach, keynote speaker, and one of the world’s leading experts on belonging. Montrece built a 20-year career as an award-winning public health law and policy expert, speaking on thousands of stages and creating a novel training and workforce development program. These experiences, along with mentoring hundreds, allowed her to grow into her calling: coaching and empowering women. In 2020, Montrece followed that calling and left federal service and started “The Empowermenteur”. Through individual and group coaching, her “Your Career Owned Mastermind” and her Coaching Academy, Montrece applies her S.T.R.U.T. methodology to help high achieving women strut into their next phase of life with authenticity and confidence. Montrece has a proven track record of helping clients manifest sustainable, measurable results, a stronger sense of belonging, remove limiting beliefs, and design actions toward a more aligned career, business, and life.

2. Akila Gilyard (@coachakilagee/)

Author and life coach Akila Gilyard (  has faced her own life-changing challenges that made her realize that there are no shortcuts in life. Akila is now dedicated to helping individuals reach their highest potentials. Akila is well known for her compassion and willingness to help others. She is always creating ways to encourage others to always find positivity in any situation. She specializes in Lifestyle Coaching, Business Formation Legality, Business Marketing and Branding. Akila Gilyard and her lifestyle coaching services give businesses credibility. In her latest book “From Inmate To Purpose”, she has poured her heart into pages that can serve others with lessons and guidance. The book features a compelling story that can provide someone with the perspective they need when you just don’t feel like enough. She helps people recognize their true potential! Get to know her at –

3. Liz Roberta (@iamLizRoberta)

Liz Roberta is an award-winning coach and the founder of Liz Roberta Spiritual Coaching, a company dedicated to connecting people with their spirituality and raising the profile of spiritual entrepreneurs. Liz works with spiritual healers, coaches, and authors to give them the proven tools and strategies that they need to have a huge impact in the industry. Her unique approach to working with clients is a combination of practical business advice, transformational coaching tools, and intuitively led guidance. With her coaching programs and courses, people have signed their first client, sold out their launches, started podcasts, and been featured in major publications, all while enhancing their intuitive ability. Due to her work, Liz Roberta was named the “Emerging Voice” of 2020 in the Kindred Spirit Awards. People who feel called to spirituality but don’t know what to do next can find their next steps at

4. Jenny Willscheid (  

Jenny Willscheid is a certified Confidence, Mindset & NLP Coach, and the founder of, a coaching company dedicated to empowering ambitious women in the corporate world. Many high achieving women struggle with self-doubt and overwhelm in their jobs, which can hinder their career progression and also lead to burnout. Her mission is to empower female leaders to step up in the corporate world, be as successful as they want to be, and have more impact. Overcoming mindset blocks and self-limiting beliefs as well as creating self-care routines, plays an important part in her coaching. Having worked in corporate leadership roles for over a decade herself, Jenny mentors her clients and holds them accountable to achieve their goals. If becoming a confident and successful leader and creating more impact and balance in your career is a priority for you, visit her website (

5. Catherine Wright (@catherinebwright_/ )

Catherine Wright is an accredited, multi-certified, and award-winning Transformational Life & Career Coach. Through her signature 1:1 RESULT coaching, online courses & corporate events, she empowers her clients to thrive both professionally and personally by taking aligned actions to maximize their potential. Catherine’s mantra is ‘you need a different perspective, different strategy, and a different mindset to get different & better results.’ Her mission is to transform the self-beliefs, confidence, career, and relationships of her clients. Catherine’s most extensive training has been her life experience, which has been key to her success. Having spent almost a decade in the corporate finance sector she has experienced first-hand the challenges that come with successfully climbing corporate ladders, thriving in fast-paced & pressured environments as well as balancing life, work and well-being. Find out how Catherine can transform & elevate your life by visiting her website to book in a free consultation.

Michael Fraser

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Entrepreneur Mogul

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