Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to living a happy and wholesome life. However, everyday people choose to disregard their health and prioritize other matters over working out and living healthy. Working with Alex Jamal or Thetraineralex as he’s known on Instagram will bring you a perfect balance of experience, knowledge, nutrition, credentials but most importantly results. He has been in the industry for 16 years and is now known as one of the top personal trainers in all of California.

Throughout his career he has helped hundreds of clients turn their lives around through fitness, including many high profile clients and celebrities. His work speaks for itself and he is continually being rewarded for his hard work and dedication; being named the IFBB chairman of California and also recently being featured at the #3 spot on LA Weekly’s article “Top Personal Trainers in California to Follow in 2021”.

Alex is highly educated in his field and has worked all around the world with clients of all ages ranging from as young as 6 all the way to 75 years old; this level of versatility being made possible due to his vast knowledge of the human body and nutrition.

Something a lot of trainers overlook is eating healthy, Alex is not one of these trainers and  nutrition is something he takes very seriously and consistently preaches the importance of eating well to all of his clients. Alex is not your regular trainer, he believes that investing in your health via balanced exercise and eating habits is the best decision one can make in their life!

Often stating, “health is wealth and I am a messenger, eat healthy and you will live pain free”. Alex provides his services the informative way, teaching his clients how to be healthy while educating them on why they need to do what they are doing.

His services are available in person for those in the city of Los Angeles as well as online for people across the globe. To learn more about Alex’s offer, click here.

Michael Fraser

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Entrepreneur Mogul

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