Stock Curry – Major Dow Company Entering The Metaverse

Another week of market uncertainty and stock value declines have resulted in the highest volatility since March 2020. Hundreds of stocks are down 20% from their highs and are already in Bear Market territory. This includes large Cap Stocks too. –  Even amidst this market volatility though, Stock Curry says there are still great opportunities to be had. In this article, Stock Curry talks about one such golden opportunity with news that a major Dow Company is gearing up to enter the metaverse.

Stock Curry is a former investment bank analyst with over 20 years of trading  experience. He now shares his expertise and know-how with his YouTube followers and Discord Community where he teaches people how to profitably trade stocks, options, and crypto.

In this article Stock Curry shares the big news that Walmart is quietly preparing to enter the metaverse, with plans to create its own cryptocurrency and NFT collections. NFT’s are non-fungible tokens. – He goes on to mention that Walmart filed a number of new trademarks back in December 2021 that indicate their intent to make and sell virtual goods. A further filing shows that Walmart said they will offer users a virtual currency as well.

 This massive news is just starting to trickle out through mainstream media sources and is sure to have a big impact on Walmart’s stock price (WMT), currently sitting at $143.94.  Stock Curry mentions that this news could prove very beneficial for investors. 

Stock Curry encourages investors to always perform their own due diligence before entering into any stock market or cryptocurrency trades. He also states that the information he provides is for educational purposes only, and that he is not a financial advisor.

To receive a more detailed explanation on Stock Curry’s comments, you can view his YouTube video below:

You can access even more information on Stocks, Options and Cryptocurrencies by connecting with Stock Curry here:  Stock Curry

Michael Fraser

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Entrepreneur Mogul

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