Max Maher – Running With The Young Bulls

What is it that sets this latest breed of entrepreneurs apart from its predecessors? Take young bull Max Maher for example.

Entrepreneur Max Maher is best known for his efforts in assisting tens of thousands of businesses to receive forgivable PPP loans to help them through the economic uncertainties of the Covid pandemic. He worked closely with heads of the SBA and some of the largest lenders in the country.

Kicking off a self-titled YouTube channel in March 2019 Max Maher shares his entrepreneurial journey, stock analysis, and educates the market about the benefits and pitfalls of crypto blockchain-based currencies.

His goal in life is to positively affect the greatest number of people possible. In following this creed, Max Maher, has cracked amassed more than half a million followers on YouTube with 4 million-plus unique monthly views.

Hailing from Minnesota, Max Maher started out at the age of thirteen to begin his business empire. First forming a small landscaping company before diversifying to also run a small sports supplements business. From high school, he received a college track and field scholarship to pole value at St. Cloud State University. There he competed for a year before leaving college to move to Arizona.

After relocating to Arizona at the age of eighteen Max Maher opened a pool service company aptly named “PoolsMax”. It’s here that the Max Maher story really takes off.

After working part-time for a small moving company while building the profile of his pool cleaning business Max jumped at the opportunity to buy the moving company he had previously worked at. Leveraging the capital from his other businesses combined with his savings Max Maher was able to purchase the moving trucks and lease warehouse space of this small business. The Max Maher Skinny Wimp Moving Co. was born.

Seriously folks there is some major irony going on with that name! Have you seen this guy? He is ripped! And I mean ripped with a capital R-I-P-P-E-D! And that hair! If you don’t believe me, check out Max Maher’s Instagram page. The proof as they say is in the seeing. (

Rumour has it that with no staff yet engaged and a job booked later that day Max Maher rocked up to his local gym and talked to two of the young guys working out there to work for him that afternoon! That’s some chutzpah! With that kind of positive go-getter attitude Max Maher went in under three years from college dropout moving to a new state with no connections or family to a net worth of over $1 million.

He grew the company 1400% in the first 15 months alone and employed over ninety people. All this by the age of 21.

While Max Maher boasts an impressive set of abs his biggest muscle is his enquiring mind and ability to acquire new knowledge and put it into practice. A prolific consumer of educational material Max Maher likes to think constantly about what his competition ISN’T doing.

Max Maher’s hands-on approach coupled with the ability to do diligent focused research, enabled him to establish a YouTube channel that in only seven short months after starting garnered over a thousand subscribers. As Max Maher grows the channel he intends to work on bigger and bigger projects.

More recently Max Maher has turned his hand to explain the complexities of the cryptocurrency universe on YouTube and Patreon ( His platforms are aimed at helping individuals, investors, and small business owners maximize their investments.

So, just what is it that sets young entrepreneurs like Max Maher apart from the rest of the herd? Well, here’s the rub it isn’t just one thing. It’s the whole package. I can rattle off a long list of attributes of what makes a successful entrepreneur but the key to young bulls like Max Maher is not just knowledge, ability, diligence, and not being afraid to get their hands dirty and mix it in the rough and tumble of the business world. It’s in the attitude and the desire to share their expertise with others so that anyone willing to follow the investment trail can fulfill their dreams. So, if you want to run with the young bulls I suggest checking out Max Maher’s Instagram page, his YouTube channel, and his Patreon. Oh, did I mention the hair!

Michael Fraser

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Entrepreneur Mogul

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