Matt’s Crypto Explains The Metaverse And How It Will Make Millionaires

Like all great innovations that come along they are quickly adopted by those who can see the big picture for their applications and possibilities. It normally takes a while for the rest of the world to catch up with those early pioneers who reap most of the profits.  The Metaverse, Matt’s Crypto states, is a prime example of one such opportunity. In this article Matt explains what The Metaverse is and more importantly the vast array of potential uses it will have. Matt provides excellent content on all things crypto, NFTs and The Metaverse to his 100K+ YouTube Subscribers.  Members of his private Alpha Discord Group receive even more in-depth content via weekly calls, minting calls, buy and sell alerts as well as his much sought after NFT Calendar in addition to receiving Whitelist Spot opportunities.

Matt’s content is intended for educational purposes only; he is not a financial advisor. Investors are encouraged to complete their own due diligence before proceeding with any financial trades.

Matt notes that when you have Tech Behemoths like Facebook changing their name to Meta to align with The Metaverse, then it’s time to sit up and take notice. Add Microsoft, NVIDIA and Roblox to the mix of big Tech’s who are also setting up infrastructure environments to capitalize on The Metaverse. Even McDonald’s are jumping on the bandwagon by filing trademarks for their very own version, entitled McMetaverse. It seems the possibilities are endless.

To show the potential that The Metaverse holds Matt uses the early days of the internet as his example. In the early 1990’s not many people knew what the internet was, never mind how to use it. Fast forward to 2022 and there is not an aspect of daily life that doesn’t involve the internet in some shape or form. The whole wide world is now connected with the instant push of a button.

Matt contends that early NFTs, Web 3.0 and Metaverse space offer the same potential today as to what the introduction of the internet held in the early 1990’s. The Metaverse is the virtual world where participants can create their own virtual reality and it too will connect people. As it continues to develop and shift culture it will be just as much of a game-changer as the Internet has been.

The gaming space holds massive potential for The Metaverse, Matt mentions, especially if AAA Games like Fortnite and Call of Duty for example eventually come onboard. NFTs like  My Pet Hooligan are selling for over $3,000 and are required to gain access into their gaming space. Games such as Axie Infinity allow gamers to earn money as they play. Matt shares that there are gamers in other countries making the equivalent of full-time salaries just by playing this game.

Microsoft’s vision of the Metaverse is creating virtual 3D meeting rooms for business and commerce.

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