Kyle Plummer – Interview by Entrepreneur Mogul 2022

Q: What is your long term goal? In business – paint a vision for the future. 

Kyle Plummer: Impacting millions of people a month online. I started making content on YouTube about 3 years ago. And at that time, I wasn’t really sure why I was doing it. Over the years, I’ve found impact to be the most fulfilling thing. I hate to be cliche, but it’s true. Money is great for a period of time. The cars are great for a period of time. The trips are great for a period of time.  But it’s a black hole. When people tell me I changed their life, I feel that. It’s something that will never get old.

Q: How do you stay organized with such a busy schedule? What are some time management strategies, SOPS (standard operating procedures), hires or hacks that have helped you dramatically in business. 

Kyle Plummer: Getting the most important thing done first. Not the easiest. A lot of people like to stay busy. I learned that productivity isn’t about staying busy though. It’s about getting important tasks that move the needle for your business. My life changed a few years back when I started taking this seriously. 

Q: What strategies do you use to optimize your performance or mindset? For example biohacking, meditating, seminars, personal development etc.

Kyle Plummer: Having a clean lifestyle is the greatest thing that’s ever helped me. It sounds simple but there’s no greater thing (in my opinion) that will change your life than replacing McDonald’s with chicken, rice and broccoli. Or replacing Pepsi with water. Or replacing social media with exercise. You just can’t simply operate at 100% capacity without watching how you treat your body. And once you get those under control – you will naturally want to do more things that contribute to your best self.

Q: What are some 80/20 principles that you have implemented in your business and personal life that have helped? (80/20 is Pareto’s Principle) what’s one domino that knocks down 5 activities i.e. a high level task to focus on. 

Kyle Plummer: For me, it’s planning everything from start to finish. I used to be a “run by the seat of your pants” guy for most of my 20’s. But the truth is I didn’t think a lot of things through. And I would make costly mistakes (both time and energy). The key though is not to get into “analysis paralysis”. It’s not about overthinking. It’s about strategically planning from start to end, playing out potential outcomes, and figuring out how to avoid any costly problems down the road. Then once you have a plan – jump in and execute.

Q: What have been some of the best investments of money or time in your business or personal life? e.g. going to an event, reading a book, investing in a specific thing, etc.

Kyle Plummer: The greatest thing anybody can do is find someone that is living the exact lifestyle they want (wealth, health, financial). And Invest all your time and energy to learn as much as possible from them. I’ve had several people over the years that were living my “dream” life. I would buy all their courses, watch all their YouTube content, and talk to them as much as I could. They will tell you the books to read, events to go to, and things to invest in to get you from point A and B. It’s the blueprint to life.

Michael Fraser

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Entrepreneur Mogul

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