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Trading the financial markets oftentimes can be a challenging task for beginners. With several strategies, techniques and methodologies to learn, novices need to strengthen their foundation and learn the basics. This is where financial coaches and experienced traders can help shorten the learning curve and master the market. Jourdan Martin, founder of Martin Investment Group, is one such Professional Trader, Mentor, Investor and Coach who helps traders and investors understand the world of finance.

Who is Jourdan Martin?

A graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi with a focus on finance, Jourdan Martin is a self-taught trader and investor with years of experience under his belt. Having almost 13,000 students enrolled in his courses, Jourdan has helped several investors learn and improve in their craft. His courses are designed to take individuals from novice traders to the savvy investors in a consistent and efficient manner. While trading the financial markets involves a high level of risk, through his training, Jourdan helps traders make low-risk, high-reward trades and ensure they remain profitable.

How Jourdan Martin Helps Traders Succeed

Through his courses and mentorship, Jourdan Martin provides many lessons, with the primary focus split between beginners and advanced traders. For beginner, he focuses on the importance of building solid trading habits such as keeping a journal, not chasing stocks due to FOMO, and the active use of stop-losses and profit targets. Jourdan believes that beginner traders should focus on increasing their knowledge base so that when situations arise, they have the knowledge to approach them successfully.

For more experienced traders, Jourdan’s focus shifts to having them do an analysis of their goals, what things will move them toward or away from that goal. This usually leads to optimizing entry and exit strategies, paying attention to risk management and having a trading accountability partner to advise them or trades that don’t align with their goal or strategy.

Jourdan Martin also offers a Free Course for Beginners. 

Jourdan Martin’s Profit Calendar

Apart from his courses and mentorship, Jourdan Martin is also the founder of the Profit Calendar, a highly efficient program designed to provide custom learning routines that allow traders to improve their trading skills and knowledge. With an experienced instructor who shares a strong passion for helping other people, improving one’s ability in trading has never been easier. 

Over a nine-month period, the Profit Calendar posted a 76% win rate and a 105% total ROI. The Profit Calendar helps traders in the consistency, convenience and profitability of their plan. Along with providing strategies and trade ideas, the Profit Calendar also helps traders stay organized and guides a path for them to follow.

Check out Profit Calendar HERE


Dedicated to helping traders succeed, Jourdan Martin of Martin Investment Group has helped several traders become consistently profitable and master the art of trading. Jourdan believes that making a living from trading is absolutely possible with the right mindset, skills and determination.Check out Jourdan Martin’s Instagram HERE to connect with him.

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Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Entrepreneur Mogul

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