ILUS? Just Say No! No, Really Don’t Do It! With Alpha Status Stocks

Yes folks, the boys are back in town! After an all too brief Christmas and New Year break Mike and Andrew from Alpha Status Stocks are back. Why a brief break? Well to keep feeding all you punters out there the hottest tips going around, of course! Now down to business after all the recent hype surrounding ILUS the guys at Alpha Status Stocks are starting to get a little nervous. Now, if you know anything about Mike and Andrew it takes something pretty damn nuclear to get these two guys nervous! 

Just kidding folks, they really think if ILUS dips as low as 18 cents, which on current indications it might, it may just be a great time to buy! As Alpha Status Stocks explained to me during our weekly chat, ILUS is a great OTT company with a more than competent CEO while the stock market is often very inefficient at reflecting a company’s true value. The other thing is that sometimes it just makes great sense to buy during a dip. Remember as the boys from Alpha Status Stocks always say, “buy low and sell high folks!” 

To really get a handle on what ILUS is doing there are a number of resources out there. ILUS really knows how to play the social media game and regularly post a ton of information on Twitter about acquisitions and revenue. In the OTT market you generally don’t trade on just these fundamentals, although according to Alpha Status Stocks ILUS does have very strong fundamentals, it is more about narrative and emotions. The ILUS narrative is bullish and if they fulfill their NASDAQ uplisting plan they will hit $2 sometime during the year!

So here’s the deal. Firstly do the research folks! Or the DD as Alphas Status Stocks like to sling it. Don’t just rely on the latest tips from the boys or from anyone else for that matter. Alpha Status Stocks want you to be in the driver’s seat. After all that’s the only way you can be really sure to avoid the crash. Heads up, the boys have acquired an ILUS DD of over fifty pages to explain where they are at now and where they plan to be in the future. They are willing to share this with you but you have to follow the link included in the video associated with this article. So the advice from Alpha Status Stocks, read it now!

Michael Fraser

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Entrepreneur Mogul

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