Chastin J. Miles Shares 5 Essential Things Every New Real Estate Agent Should Know

How many movies have you seen where the lead role gets the opportunity to review their life through the eyes of a wise sage, going back in time to their younger self and imparting the life-skills knowledge that only the lived-experience can bring. Well, today if you are embarking on a Real Estate career or still at the novice stage, you get to be the star role in your own movie and receive that lived-experience knowledge. Real Estate entrepreneur, Chastin J. Miles is going to share 5 essential real estate lessons that he personally found out the hard way.

Chastin has built a thriving real estate business and now wants to give back and contribute his life-skills learned with as many realtors as possible, so that they too can experience wealth and fulfillment through helping clients achieve their dream of home ownership.

Chastin’s warm personality is infectious and is endorsed by his 65.5K YouTube followers. He provides his subscribers with tips, tools and best practice advice to successfully propel them forward.

Here are the 5 things that Chastin wished someone had shared with him when starting out on his real estate adventure.

Lesson 1. Don’t  try to learn everything all at once

Chastin recalls in his early career days attempting to know all there was to know about real estate all at once.  He soon realized that this was a fruitless task as the real estate game is always changing. It was/is an impossible undertaking to know everything. The only two things he needed to know then was how to generate leads and how to close sales. Real Estate economics 101; No leads, no sales, no sales, no money.

Lesson 2. Don’t try and act like a big- time agent

When he began his career Chastin mentions that he tried to be the big-time Charlie, presenting as an expert on everything, assuming clients would only want to deal with seasoned pros. The catalyst for him in getting leads and sales was to just be himself and let his personality shine through.

Lesson 3. Don’t Worry What Other People Think

That well-worn quote “don’t sweat the small stuff” certainly applies here. Chastin confesses to spending too much time obsessing on what others thought of him. Today he knows better and encourages new Realtors to be bold and just put themselves out there with no thought of what others think and to “Do what you need to do to make your money.”

Lesson 4. Stop Chasing Splits

Splits are not the be all and end all in the real estate business.  Find what type of business model works best for you.

Lesson 5. Get a Coach

Having a coach is extremely important in any business, something Chastin has embraced throughout his career to help shift his mindset and propel his success. He continues to enjoy the benefits of working with a coach to this day.

To access these 5 great tips in greater detail watch Chastin’s YouTube video below:

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Chastin J. Miles

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